Welcome to the Spookshow

Welcome to the Spookshow
Series: The Spookshow, Book 2
"See ghosts?" said Billie. "All the time. They won't shut up."
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About the Book

Book 2

Drifting through life while her peers move on with careers and marriage, Billie Culpepper fears she will never discover what she was meant to do with her life.

Fate intercedes when she’s injured during a pursuit between a mysterious Englishman and the police detective determined to apprehend him. Waking three days later in hospital, Billie is haunted by horrible apparitions that no one else can see. She worries over her sanity until the Englishman returns to inform her that her eyes are now open to the spookshow. Billie can see the dead and, unfortunately, they can see her too.

Like a wave from a magic wand, Billie is told of her true calling; that of a medium between this world and the next. There’s only one snag. It’s the last thing on earth she wants.


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