Spookshow 5: Half-Boys and Gypsy Girls

Spookshow 5: Half-Boys and Gypsy Girls
Series: The Spookshow, Book 5
Length: 282 pages
ISBN: 9781522803171
A reluctant psychic tries to shut out the ghosts forever only to find that the dead won't let her go.  John Gantry's remains have vanished from the morgue, leaving Detective Mockler with another unsolved case on his hands. Kaitlin, suffering from post traumatic stress, is haunted by visions of her former ghost-hunting friends. The mysterious, legless ghost child clings to the one person who can see him. Reluctant psychic, Billie Culpepper, wants it all to stop.  Having laid her mother to rest, Billie is ready to start a new chapter in her life with detective Mockler but the ghosts of the past refuse to rest in peace. When her ability to speak to the dead threatens her last chance at happiness, Billie decides to shut out the ghosts and quit the spookshow forever.
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